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me: twentysomething for a decade now, seriously trying to act my age... seriously. strange obsession with instagram, pinterest, trees, menswear and weird looking men. amsterdam. zwolle. shoes. messy. I talk a lot, most of it in dutch though: blog.ditismies.nl and on the book of faces. Oh... I like this.


Alba Yruela

The Late Great John Belushi / The Blues Brothers.

La Colombe 
"Why do you always disappear?" he asked, on a morning I planned not running into anyone, with tired eyes and a weary heart I answered much to his surprise. "Because every now and then I tend to lose myself. I disappear in order to find her." Though it was true, a part of me held back wanting to say I just needed someone to notice. That losing myself came in all sorts of consequences, and I just wanted someone else to come searching for that part of me I lost, too. And so he smiled, and asked if I wanted to eat my croissant. 

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