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me: twentysomething for a decade now, seriously trying to act my age... seriously. strange obsession with instagram, pinterest, trees, menswear and weird looking men. amsterdam. zwolle. shoes. messy. I talk a lot, most of it in dutch though: blog.ditismies.nl and on the book of faces. Oh... I like this.


Todd Richter 
"The idea is to occupy Facebook/ tumblr/ twitter with art, breaking the monotony of nagging, photos of lunch and sports. Whoever likes this post will receive an artist from me and has to publish a piece by that artist with this text and tag with #arttagging."
don’t think tumblr is a place where people nag, post pictures of their boring lunches or whatever. That is if you follow people that don’t post them… :) But a cool project anyway!
artist: Ekaterina Koroleva | Illustrator

Delancey Street (New York NY)

Sean Mundy - Dark Winters

vintage blog
"Mondays are fine. Its your life that sucks."
Ricky Gervais (via alecstasy)

(Bron: supermodelgif, via villenoire)